What we have used to create the show...

Something lights, you can hear something - but, where does it come from?

The following dots list some materials and technical systems that we install for the impressive effects.


  • a lot of movinglights
  • a lot of LED floorlights
  • hazers
  • professional wireless DMX systems
  • 1 lighting control ( MA GrandMa2 light)
  • MA VPU
  • digital Full HD-Projektors


  • some subwoofer
  • a lot of special linearray speaker especially for the Basilika in Kloster Eberbach with particular radiation
  • amping
  • 1 sound control digital

+ 20 hour of programming (6.3 liters of coffee and some pounds of sweets)

+ an incredible number of hour that were necessary for planning the hole event (mixing & mastering sound section e.g.)